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carburizer for steelmaking

Date: 12-09-2021
Steelmaking carburizer: with the development of new smelting process mature, in the smelting process, due to improper ingredients or charging and excessive decarburization and other reasons, sometimes resulting in steel carbon content did not reach the requirements of the top period, prompting producers to carburization in liquid steel. The market for steelmaking with carburizer requirements are becoming higher and higher, in order to adapt to the needs of high quality smelting. The commonly used carburizer for steelmaking has carburized pig iron, electrode powder, petroleum coke powder, charcoal powder and coke powder. Existing these steel making with recarburizer in the use of the process have different degrees of defects, mainly steel with recarburizer and water of steel interface compatibility is poor, after adding the use of water of steel, soon float to the surface of the water of steel, can not penetrate the water of steel, so as to easily enter the slag burning loss, resulting in poor carburization effect. Therefore, developing a kind of carburizing agent for steelmaking with good carburizing effect and good interface compatibility with molten steel has become an urgent problem to be solved in the industry.