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Ferro silicon lumps

Date: 11-25-2021
Ferro silicon lumps: no matter what smelting process is used to make steel, deoxidation alloying is needed. Because of the different smelting process conditions, the oxygen content and inclusion content of steel are not the same.  According to the different requirements of the quality of steel, the deoxidizer commonly used in steelmaking production is ferromanganese, ferro silicon lumps, aluminum, silicon manganese alloy, silicon calcium alloy, silicon aluminum alloy and so on.  Most often used in smelting high quality steel final deoxidizer for Ca - Si alloy (calcium content of 10-30%, this kind of compound deoxidizer has deoxidization ability, low content of inclusions in steel, has certain advantages of desulfurization, but because of easy vaporization during steel-making deoxidizing, environmental pollution is serious, poor working conditions, calcium utilization rate is low, in addition,  In the production of calcium alloy, with the increase of calcium content, energy consumption increases correspondingly, the cost increases, the price is expensive, generally only used for smelting high-grade steel.  In addition, the addition sequence of deoxidizer is Fe -- Mn→Fe -- Si→Ca -- Si→Fe -- Al(Al) or Fe -- Mn→Fe -- Si→Al(Fe -- Ba -- Al -- Si) in the traditional Ca -- Si alloy deoxidization, while aluminum deoxidization often causes casting difficulties and poor surface quality.  


Ferro silicon lumps is composed of silicon, calcium, iron, manganese, aluminum, phosphorus, sulfur, carbon, its content:  Si65 -- 80%, Al≤2, P ≤0.04, S ≤ 0.02c, FeSi65, FeSi70, FeSi72, FeSi75 to the production of rebar steel as an example, the traditional process is to first put 1/3 silicon aluminum barium iron into the ladle, steel 1/3 add ferromanganese first, then add Anyang iron silicon and the remaining 2/3 silicon aluminum barium iron,  Out of steel 2/3-3/4 when the complete part of the alloy.  The application of Anyang ferrosilicon alloying, steel 1/3 of the first add ferromanganese, then add Anyang ferrosilicon, without silicon aluminum barium iron, simplify the operation.  
Ferrosilicon proportion is larger, deoxidizing is not easy to float, small burning loss, high utilization rate of calcium, therefore, in the condition of adding the same amount of calcium deoxidizing in steelmaking, the deoxidizing effect is the best, while eliminating the pollution of calcium burning loss to the environment, improve the working conditions.  

Ferro silicon lumps can meet the requirement of inclusion content of silicon steel more easily. It can not only replace si-Ca alloy, obtain satisfactory quality of silicon steel, but also reduce smelting cost.  Anyang iron silicon deoxidation process does not need to use metal aluminum (or aluminum iron, or silicon aluminum barium iron) to improve the quality of molten steel, improve the fluidity of molten steel, nozzle nodular, conducive to normal pouring of molten steel.  

The average yield of Si is 95 %.  The average oxygen content in steel decreased from 236ppm to 107ppm by conventional process, and the total oxygen content in steel decreased by 54.3%.  The total content of stable inclusions in steel decreased from 110ppm to 53.33ppm %, reduced by 51.52%.  The form of nonmetal in steel is improved, deoxidizer is saved, and production cost is greatly reduced  
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