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Why is silicon briquette 65 cheaper than similar ferroalloy materials?

Date: 02-01-2024
Why is silicon briquette 65 cheaper than similar ferroalloy materials? Let’s decipher it together:

In terms of raw materials for making silicon briquette 65: Silicon briquette 65 is also called silicon slag briquette 65 by the industry. The raw material of silicon briquette 65 is generally derived from silicon slag. It is pressed into a spherical shape through corresponding pressing technology to facilitate the use of manufacturers. Silicon slag is used to make ferroalloys. The remaining residue at the time, so silicon slag briquettes are cheaper than similar special alloys in terms of raw materials;

In terms of the content of elements inside silicon briquette 65: the silicon content in silicon briquette 65 is about 65%, while the content of similar ferrosilicon 65products is 65%. It can be seen that silicon briquette 65 usually has less elements than similar iron alloy products, so The price of silicon briquette 65 is cheaper than similar ferrous alloys.

In terms of uses of silicon briquette 65: Silicon briquette 65 is purchased by many manufacturers for the purpose of reducing production costs. When traditional ferroalloys are relatively expensive, silicon briquette 65 is undoubtedly an ideal substitute, and as a substitute, the price should be It is not too expensive, so silicon briquettes 65 are often used to replace other traditional metallurgical materials.

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