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Metal silicon market trend

Date: 05-09-2021
 According to China's "ferroalloy online" 2021-4-30 report silicon metal market forecast:

In terms of output started: the silicon metal operating rate in April decreased from March. It is expected that the number of furnace starts in Sichuan, Yunnan and other places will increase slightly in May. Due to environmental inspection, the number of furnace starts will increase to 248 units in May, and the output will increase by about 10,000 tons.

Market trend: by the end of April, the mainstream transaction price of silicon metal market was basically stable, and the profit of most factories was meager after the price dropped by more than 1000 yuan, which also made some purchasers who planned to stock up eager to try.It is expected that the silicon metal market in May will be mainly in stable operation, and the price of the factory will not last long under the influence of the surplus of some brands of products. By the end of the month, negative emotions may start to fall due to the resumption of production of the sichuan yunnan silicon plant.

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