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Electrolytic manganese process flow

Date: 05-06-2021
China's electrolytic manganese metal production is mainly 99.7% of the products (now most of the manufacturers have actually reached 99.8% or more), only a few manufacturers produce 99.9% of the products (because of 99.9% of the product market demand is small, but many enterprises in the feasibility study report are known as the production of 99.9%),The main raw materials - manganese ore for manganese oxide ore and manganese carbonate ore two categories, in addition to the former process of liquid preparation methods are not the same, the electrolytic production process is basically the same.

Manganese carbonate ore is directly using sulfuric acid and manganese carbonate reaction to produce manganese sulfate solution, and then through a series of processes such as neutralization, purification, filtration and so on to prepare electrolyte, after adding additives such as selenium dioxide, ammonium sulfite and so on can be entered into the electrolytic cell for electrolysis;Using electrolytic manganese manganese dioxide production technology and process of manganese carbonate with different, mainly manganese dioxide does not react with sulfuric acid under general conditions, must be treated as the bivalent manganese and then react with sulfuric acid to the preparation of manganese sulfate solution, its processing method for general roasting method, it is manganese dioxide and reducing material (coal) is commonly mixed airtight heating,At a certain temperature C will be reduced to divalent manganese, crushed with sulfuric acid reaction, this method is called roasting method;Another method is called two ore method, that is, using manganese dioxide ore powder and pyrite under the action of sulfuric acid REDOX reaction to prepare manganese sulfate.However, these two methods are generally not adopted in the industry due to their high cost. Among them, roasting method is more common than two-ore method. However, the roasting furnace used by many roasting production plants is simple and easy to manufacture, but the reflection furnace with high energy consumption and large pollution, so it is not recommended to adopt them.

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