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Ferrochrome production process

Date: 03-26-2021

Ferrochrome is an important raw material in the production of stainless steel, so it is mainly used in the production of stainless steel, today to introduce the production of ferrochrome leaf bright method:

Medium, low and micro carbon ferrochrome is generally made of silicochrome alloy, chromite and lime as raw materials. It is refined and desilicated by electric furnace of 1500~6000 kV A and operated by high basicity furnace slag (CaO/SiO2 is 1.6~1.8).Low and micro carbon ferrochrome is also produced by hot mixing method on a large scale.Two electric furnaces are used in production, one for smelting silicon chrome alloy and the other for melting slag composed of chrome ore and lime.The refining reaction is divided into two stages in two tanks: (1) After the slag from the slag furnace is injected into the first tank, the silicon chromium alloy that has been initially desiliconized is added into the other tank. Due to the large excess amount of oxidizing agent in the slag and the sufficient desiliconization, micro-carbon ferrochrome containing less than 0.8% silicon and as low as 0.02% carbon can be obtained.② After the slag (containing about 15% Cr2O3) after reaction in the first tank is moved to the second tank, the silicon chromium alloy (containing 45% silicon) prepared in the silicon chromium electric furnace is heated into the slag. After reaction, the silicon chromium alloy (containing about 25% silicon) which is initially desilicated is obtained and added into the first tank for further desilication. The slag containing less than 2~3% Cr2O3 can be discarded.

The medium and low carbon ferrochrome is refined by oxygen blowing method. Liquid carbon ferrochrome is used as raw material. A small amount of lime and fluorite are added to the molten pool to make slag during blowing, and silicon chromium alloy or ferrosilicate is added before iron extraction to recover chromium in the slag.The blowing of micro - carbon ferrochrome is possible under a certain vacuum.

Vacuum solid-state decarburization process refined, with fine grinding of high carbon ferrochrome as raw material, the fine grinding of high carbon ferrochrome, part of the oxidizing roasting as oxidant and water glass or other adhesives, pressure ball, after low temperature drying, the car type vacuum furnace, the vacuum degree is 0.5 ~ 10 mm hg, temperature of 1300 ~ 1400 ℃ heating reduction under 35 ~ 50 hours, available carbon is less than 0.03% even less than 0.01% of low carbon ferrochrome.

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