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75 medium carbon ferromanganese production

Date: 03-25-2021
 Ferromanganese is a ferroalloy consisting of manganese and iron.Main classification: high carbon ferromanganese (containing 7% carbon), medium carbon ferromanganese (containing 1.0~1.5% carbon), low carbon ferromanganese (containing 0.5% carbon), metal manganese, ferric mirror, silicon manganese alloy.Today I will introduce 75 medium carbon ferromanganese to you.


In steelmaking, used as deoxidizer and alloy additives, is the largest amount of ferroalloy.The manganese ore used for smelting ferromanganese is generally required to contain 30~40% manganese, ferromanganese ratio is greater than 7, phosphorus and manganese ratio is less than 0.003.


Before smelting, the manganese carbonate ore must be roasted first, and the powder ore must be sintered to form blocks.The ore with high iron and phosphorus content can only be used in combination, or the manganese rich slag with low iron and phosphorus can be obtained through selective reduction.


Smelting with coke as reducing agent, some plants also with lean coal or anthracite.The auxiliary raw material is mainly lime, and silica is generally added when smelting manganese silicon alloy.The international general standard of ferromanganese carbide is 75~80%, China to adapt to the low grade of manganese ore raw material conditions, provided a lower grade of manganese (electric furnace ferromanganese contains more than 65%, blast furnace ferromanganese contains more than 50%).


In the past, the main furnace was used for smelting ferromanganese carbide. With the development of electric power industry, the electric furnace was gradually increased.Western Europe and China mainly use blast furnace, Norway, Japan use electric furnace, the Soviet Union, Australia, Brazil and other countries, the new manganese ferro factory also use electric furnace.

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