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Silicon metal production

Date: 03-18-2021
 Metal silicon is also known as industrial silicon. The traditional production process of metal silicon is as follows:

Silica materials will be after washing, screening and drying, according to the type of reducing agent, respectively, according to the proportion of different ingredients, using computer program control various than expected, respectively from the bunker to a belt, blending through the feeding process, into the furnace, high automatic degree and scale of the charging process is continuous.The current leads to the electrode, and the material in the furnace is added to reach a high temperature of more than 1800 degrees Celsius. The silicon is reduced in the furnace and becomes liquid. It is released through the silicon outlet and made into silicon ingots, which are crushed and packaged into industrial silicon for sale.

Oxygen and air are mixed with bottom blowing. The bottom blowing oxygen permeable brick is installed in the bottom of the package, and there are more fine copper tubes in the permeable brick. The oxygen and air are blown into the silicon melt to refine.The refining process needs to be stirred, stirred by compressed air, the purpose of which is to improve the dynamic conditions of slag-metal element reaction, speed up slag making, remove impurities as soon as possible, and reduce heat loss and silicon liquid cladding.

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