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The type of inoculant

Date: 03-11-2021
 The inoculant generally consists of an element or alloy that promotes graphitization.At present, there are many kinds of inoculants, and the principle of selection is that inoculants have good effect and low price.

At present, the inoculant is still based on silicon, and most of the domestic use of ferrosilicon containing 75% silicon, in addition to silicon also contains a certain amount of aluminum and calcium.

In recent years, there are a lot of studies on inoculation agents abroad. Many reports indicate that pure silicon or pure ferrosilicate has little or no inoculation effect on flake graphite cast iron.What really matters is the amount of aluminum and calcium in ferrosilicon;In addition to aluminum, calcium and some elements after the introduction of inoculant, can improve the inoculation effect, they are: strontium, cerium, barium, calcium, aluminum, titanium, zirconium (according to strengthen the inoculation of the degree of order) in addition to inoculant in the addition of carbon can play inoculation effect.Ingestants can be used in the following two ways:

1, inverted inoculation: the inoculant will be added to the bag, and then poured into the molten iron, make it evenly melted, can be poured.

2. The amount of liquid iron added is about 1.0-1.8% by weight.

The inoculant produced by henan stellar metallurgy group is mainly barium silicate inoculant used for inoculation of nodular cast iron and gray cast iron liquid iron, which can significantly reduce the white tendency, reduce the relative hardness and improve the machining performance of castings.I plant the production of silicon barium inoculation agent, complete specifications, quality assurance, stable price, welcome to buy!

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