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Perlite slag remover

Date: 03-02-2021
 Slag agent is used in casting to remove impurities in molten iron and molten steel.The specifications of slag removal agent are 18-30 mesh, 30-50 mesh, 50-80 mesh.The slag removal agent is made of high-quality perlite sand.It has the characteristics of non - splashing, safety and reliability.

The main advantages of the method of slag removal agent are:

1, slag removal and slag: efficient slag removal agent can be used in pouring ladle, tundish, electric furnace.After being evenly spread on the surface of the molten liquid by manual or spray gun, it can quickly gather into a slag shell which is easy to separate from the metal solution by a little agitation. The pure solution can be obtained by stripping off the slag shell, which can avoid slag entrapment in the casting and improve the quality.And does not explode does not splash, does not stick package, does not hang the wall.

If it is necessary to block slag, slag aggregator can be added in the pouring ladle or furnace mouth before picking slag after casting, forming strip floating dam, sticking block sporadic slag, eliminating artificial slag, reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency.

2, thermal insulation coverage: high efficiency slag removal agent has low thermal conductivity, and a good thermal insulation layer can be formed on the surface of the metal melt to reduce the heat loss of the solution.It is an excellent insulating and capping agent for intermediate subcontracting or metal solutions that need to be kept for a long time.

3, environmental protection: high efficiency slag removal agent on the metal melt no pollution, no penetration, does not affect its chemical composition and mechanical properties of castings.No flue gas, dust and harmful gas pollution, can purify the environment, civilized production.

4, dosage: high efficiency slag polymerization agent is generally added 1~3kg/T metal solution, specific according to the size of the melt area, temperature, smelting metal containing impurities as appropriate increase or decrease.

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