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Introduction of ferrosilicon particles

Date: 02-25-2021
 Ferrosilicon particle is broken into a certain proportion of small pieces and through a certain number of mesh sieve to filter the formation of ferrosilicon particle, simply speaking, ferrosilicon particle is by the natural block of ferrosilicon and standard block by a variety of different particle size crushing screening out of small particles.Ferosilicate particle size: 0.2-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-8mm, or customized according to the requirements.

Ferrosilicon granules can not only be used in steelmaking industry but also commonly used in the metallurgical materials of cast iron industry. This is mainly because ferrosilicon granules can be used by cast iron manufacturers to replace inoculants and spheroidizing agents. The price of ferrosilicon granules in the cast iron industry is far lower than that of steel, and it is easier to be melted, so it is a ferroalloy product with casting ability.Ferrosilicate particle inoculant has uniform particle size and good inoculation effect during casting, which can promote graphite precipitation and spheroidization. It is necessary metallurgical material to produce ductile iron.

The use of ferrosilicon particles:

1. It can be effectively deoxidized during steelmaking;

2. Greatly reduce the time of deoxygenation in steelmaking to save energy waste and manpower;

3. It has the function of promoting the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite in ductile iron production;

4. It can be used instead of expensive inoculants and spheroidizers;

5. Effectively reduce the cost of smelting and improve the benefits of manufacturers;

Since its establishment, henan star has been based on the development and research of metallurgical resistant materials. The ferrosilicate particles produced by henan star are welcome to purchase with complete specifications, reliable quality and stable price.

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