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How to judge the quality of spheroidizing agent?

Date: 01-11-2021
       Nodularizer is widely used in foundry field, can promote in the ball mill cast iron into the spherical graphite crystals additives, get the favour of the foundry customers, but the quality of the products on the market is uneven, as a type of nodularizer, offer but differ a lot, greatly increases the difficulty to select high-quality nodularizer, star metallurgy factory technical engineers today as we summarize several tips to judge the quality of nodularizer, come and look at it together;

1. Spheroidizing elements have strong affinity with sulfur, oxygen and other elements in molten iron, and form compounds with them as the foreign core in the solidification process of molten iron, such as rare earth, magnesium, calcium and other spheroidizing elements.

2. Ability of spheroidized elements to change the shape of graphite from sheet to ball.

3. The density and boiling point of spheroidizing agent are lower than that of iron solution.Low density can automatically float in molten iron, the boiling point is lower than the temperature of molten iron treatment, magnesium can be converted into gas at the temperature of treatment, self-stirring, thus improving the effect of spheroidization.

4. The content of magnesium oxide in spheroidizing agent is less than 7% of the content of magnesium.

5. Nodularization agent compact, no segregation, no shrinkage cavity and porosity, no powder.

6. Spheroidizing agent particle size distribution is uniform, no powder alloy, obtuse Angle multi-deformation particles is better

      Above these knowledge hope to be able to be helpful to you, related to casting with ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, inoculant, carbon agent and other products can consult Henan star metallurgy at any time, the factory product quality assurance, timely supply, free product samples can be provided, welcome to visit the factory!Company Homepage:


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