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Electrolytic manganese metal standard and price

Date: 01-06-2021
        Electrolytic manganese metal is a single metal which is obtained by leaching manganese ore with acid and then sent to electrolytic cell for precipitation.Appearance like iron, irregular flake, strong and brittle, one side bright, the other rough, silver-white to brown, after processing to powder silver gray;It is easily oxidized in air, dissolves and displaces hydrogen in the presence of dilute acids, and dissolves water to give off hydrogen at slightly higher room temperature.

The purity of electrolytic manganese is very high, its role is to increase the hardness of metal materials, the most widely used manganese copper alloy, manganese aluminum alloy, manganese in these alloys can improve the strength of the alloy, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.Manganese is an indispensable additive in smelting industry. After processing manganese into powder, it is the main raw material for producing manganese tetroxide. The magnetic material used widely in electronic industry is produced with manganese tetroxide.The price of electrolytic manganese is mainly influenced by supply and demand, electricity and raw materials.Because electrolytic manganese producers are generally concentrated in the south, where hydropower is usually relied on, so the high and low water seasons have a great impact on the power, and are closely related to the production of electrolytic manganese.Usually every Year from April to October, the rain is sufficient, the electricity situation is good, the production is relatively normal.In other months, factory output will be reduced as electricity is squeezed by lower rainfall.

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