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What are the characteristics of ferrosilicon production methods?

Date: 06-01-2019
Smelting ferrosilicon generally adopts mine heat furnace, which is produced by continuous operation method. The so-called continuous operation method, is that with the furnace after experiencing high temperature, continuous reaction and melting, so that the surface of the material down accordingly, while constantly adding new furnace, the furnace furnace is always in full condition. It is released periodically according to the amount of alloy accumulated in the furnace.

In the whole smelting process, the electrode inserted into the furnace is deep, does not reveal the arc, so the heat loss is less, the furnace temperature is high.

Because of these characteristics of ferrosilicon smelting, the whole smelting process is not phased, this method is called continuous operation method. In addition, blast furnace smelting ferrosilicon is also useful. However, due to its low furnace temperature, the product content of silicon is about 10~20﹪, now generally do not use blast furnace method smelting ferrosilicon.

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