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What are the main applications of ferroalloy silicon carbide in the industry?

Date: 03-18-2019
Silicon carbide as an active ingredient in metal abrasives plays a role in the interior that cannot be underestimated Silicon carbide mainly has four major application areas, namely: Functional ceramics, advanced refractories, abrasives and metallurgical materials.

Silicon carbide coarse material has been able to supply a large number of high-tech products, and the high technical content of nano-grade silicon carbide powder applications in a short period of time is unlikely to form economies of scale.

⑴ as abrasive, can be used to make abrasives, such as oil stone, grinding head, steel pill steel sand, sand tile and so on.

⑵ as metallurgical deoxidizing agent and high temperature resistant materials.

⑶ High Purity monocrystalline, can be used in the manufacture of semiconductors, the manufacture of silicon carbide fiber. Main applications: For 3-12-inch monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, potassium arsenide, quartz crystal and other wire cutting.

Solar photovoltaic industry, semiconductor industry, piezoelectric crystal industry engineering processing materials.

For semiconductors, lightning rods, circuit components, high temperature applications, UV detector, structural materials, astronomy, disc brakes, clutches, diesel particulate filters, filament thermometer, ceramic film, cutting tools, heating elements, nuclear fuel, jewelry, steel, protective gear, catalyst and other fields

Folding Abrasive Abrasives

Mainly used in the production of grinding wheel, sandpaper, sand belt, oil stone, grinding block, grinding head, grinding paste and photovoltaic products in monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon and electronics industry piezoelectric crystals and other aspects of grinding, polishing and so on.

Folding Chemical

Folding "Three resistant " Material

Using silicon carbide with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, impact resistance and other ferroalloy characteristics, silicon carbide on the one hand can be used in a variety of smelting lining, high-temperature kiln components, silicon carbide plate, lining plate, support parts, bowl, silicon carbide crucible and so on. On the other hand, it can be used for high temperature indirect heating materials in non-ferrous metal steelmaking industry, such as vertical tank distillation furnace, distillation furnace tray, aluminum electrolytic cell, copper melting furnace lining, zinc powder furnace arc plate, thermocouple protection pipe, etc., used in the production of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature and other advanced silicon carbide ceramic materials;

In addition, silicon carbide is also a highway, airstrip solar water heater, such as one of the ideal materials.

Folding Nonferrous Metals

The use of silicon carbide has high temperature resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, impact resistance, for high-temperature indirect heating materials, such as a tank distillation furnace, distillation furnace tray, aluminum electrolytic groove, copper melting furnace lining, zinc powder furnace with arc plate, thermocouple protection pipe and so on.

Folding Energy Saving

The use of good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, as a heat exchanger, fuel consumption reduced by 20%, save 35%, increase productivity, especially in the mining plant with the discharge pipeline, its wear resistance is the usual wear-resistant material 6--7 times.

Folding Steel

The use of silicon carbide corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance to wear, good thermal conductivity, for large blast furnace lining upgrade service life.

Folding metallurgical dressing

Silicon carbide hardness second only to diamond, with strong wear resistance, is a wear-resistant pipe, impeller, Pump Room, cyclone, bucket lining of the ideal material, its wear resistance is cast iron. 5-20 times times the life of rubber application &def is also one of the ideal materials for flight runways.

Folding building Materials Ceramic Grinding wheel industry
By using its thermal conductivity, thermal radiation, high thermal strength characteristics, the manufacture of thin plate kiln tools can not only reduce the capacity of the kiln, but also improve the capacity of the kiln and product quality, shorten the production cycle, is the ceramic glaze baking sintering ideal indirect materials.
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