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CaAl / CaFe CaSi cored wire manufacturer

Date: 04-09-2021
 CaSi /CaAl / CaFe cored wires made in China used for steelmaking

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Description:

1.Calcium Silicon Cored Wire application: cored wire for steelmaking

2.Calcium Silicon Cored Wire shape: coil

3.material: calcium,silicon,cored wire

"Calcium Silicon Cored Wire" series are all highly pure with strengthened sheath for high quality steel production. And our Calcium Silicon Cored Wire are customer with different specification adjustable to special demands. Below is the common specification while not absolutely.

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Advantages:

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire Being propitious to adjust and control the active Calcium Silicon Cored Wire metal and the content of microelement.

Calcium Silicon Cored Keep stable of the alloy performance function, reducing steelmaking cost.

Calcium Silicon Cored Changing the inclusion form to improve the mechanical property.

Calcium Silicon Cored Facilitate the operation and reduce the operation cost.

Calcium Silicon Cored Wire technical specifications:

(1) Wire diameter: 13mm+-0.5mm

(2) Thickness of the steel : 0.035mm±0.005mm.

(3) Powder contain: 225g/m±10g/m.

(4) Ratio powder/steel: 60/40.

(5) Wire length: 5000m.

(6) Coil weight: 1000-1400kgs.

(7) Coil width: 600-800mm

(8) Wire winding: horizontal

(9) Packing: in steel cages covered with plastic.

We can adjust the specifications as customer's demands.

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