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petcoke uses

Date: 07-30-2020
Depending on its quality, petcoke is used in the graphite, smelting and chemical industries.The world's largest user of petroleum coke is the cement industry, which consumes about 40% of the petroleum coke market.Secondly, after calcination, petroleum coke is used to produce pre-baked anode or steel-making graphite electrode for aluminum smelting. 22% petroleum coke is calcined.

Most of the petroleum coke produced in China is low-sulfur coke, which is used to make aluminum and graphite.It is also mainly used to make carbon products, such as graphite electrode and anode arc, for steelmaking and non-ferrous metal.
petcoke is used as pre-baked anode and anode paste for electrolytic aluminum, carbon industry production of carbonizing agent, graphite electrode, smelting industrial silicon and fuel, etc.

According to the structure and appearance of petcoke, petroleum coke products can be divided into needle coke, sponge coke, projectile coke and powder coke:
(1) Needle-shaped coke, with obvious needle-like structure and fiber texture, is mainly used as high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes in steelmaking.Because needle coke has strict quality index requirements in sulfur content, ash content, volatiles content and true density, there are special requirements on the production technology and raw materials of needle coke。
(2) Sponge coke, with high chemical reactivity and low impurity content, is mainly used in aluminum smelting industry and carbon industry.
(3) Projectile coke or spherical coke: it is spherical in shape and 0.6-30mm in diameter. It is generally produced from high-sulfur and high-asphaltene residue and can only be used for power generation, cement and other industrial fuels.
(4) Powder coke: it is produced by fluidized coking process with fine particles (diameter: 0.1-0.4mm), high volatilization content and high thermal expansion coefficient, so it cannot be directly used in electrode preparation and carbon industry.

According to the sulfur content of petcoke, it can be divided into high sulfur coke (sulfur content above 3%) and low sulfur coke (sulfur content below 3%).Low sulfur coke can be used as anodic paste and pre-baked anode for aluminum plant and graphite electrode for steel plant.The high quality low sulfur coke (sulfur content less than 0.5%) can be used to produce graphite electrode and carbonizing agent.Low sulphur coke of general quality (sulphur content less than 1.5%) is commonly used in the production of pre-baked anodes.Low quality petroleum coke is mainly used in smelting industrial silicon and anodic paste production.High-sulfur coke is commonly used as fuel in cement plants and power plants.
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