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Electrolytic manganese price

Date: 06-30-2020
 Electrolytic manganese price


 Product Overview:


Electrolytic manganese (electrolytic manganese metal) refers to the simple metal which is obtained by leaching manganese ore with acid and then sent to electrolytic cell for precipitation.Appearance like iron, irregular flake, strong and brittle, one side bright, the other rough, silver-white to brown, after processing to powder silver gray;It is easily oxidized in air, dissolves and displaces hydrogen in the presence of dilute acids, and dissolves water to give off hydrogen at slightly higher room temperature.


Electrolytic manganese (Customs tariff No. : 81110010 unwrought manganese, manganese scrap, powder).There are two main extraction methods of manganese metal: thermal method (fire method) and electrolysis method (wet method). The purity of manganese metal produced by thermal method (manganese metal) is not more than 95 ~ 98%, while pure manganese metal is prepared by electrolysis (electrolysis manganese metal), whose purity can reach 99.7 ~ 99.9%.Electrolytic production has become the main way of manganese metal production.



Electrolytic manganese 99.95%

Electrolytic manganese 99.9% %

Electrolytic manganese 99.88%

Electrolytic manganese 99.8%

Electrolytic manganese sheet role: electrolytic manganese purity is very high, its role is to increase the metal material hardness, the most widely used manganese copper alloy, manganese aluminum, 200 series stainless steel, manganese in these alloys can improve the strength of the alloy, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


Electrolytic manganese sheet application field: Manganese and manganese alloy is one of the indispensable important raw materials for iron and steel industry, aluminum alloy industry, magnetic material industry, chemical industry and so on.

Manganese is an indispensable additive in smelting industry. After processing manganese into powder, it is the main raw material for producing manganese tetroxide. The magnetic material used widely in electronic industry is produced with manganese tetroxide.With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of productivity, electrolytic manganese metal has been successfully and widely used in various fields such as iron and steel smelting, non-ferrous metallurgy, electronic technology, chemical industry, environmental protection, food hygiene, electrode industry and aerospace industry due to its high purity and low impurity characteristics.

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