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What are the characteristics of silicon 553?

Date: 07-16-2019

Silicon 553 is one of the most frequently purchased hot sellers in steel mills. This is mainly because Silicon 553 is widely used in steelmaking. Every month, major steel mills have special Silicon 553 purchasing plan and bidding plan. Good Silicon 553 products are the dream of many steel mills. Today, professional Silicon 553 plant Star Metallurgy will tell you about the characteristics of good Silicon 553, which can be easily purchased in the future in the purchase of better Silicon 553 products!

Characteristic of Good Silicon 553 in Content

The standard metal silicon 553 requires that the content of iron is 0.5% and that of aluminium is 0.5% and that of calcium is 0.3%. In terms of content, the silicon content of metal silicon should be as high as 98.5%. It has excellent effect in steel-making and deoxidization. When selecting metal silicon 553, it can also ask the metal silicon manufacturer for samples for analysis. Good. Silicon 553 should meet the content requirements.

Price Characteristics of Good Silicon 553

Metal silicon 553 can be divided into oxygen-permeable metal silicon 553 and oxygen-permeable metal silicon 553 in terms of price. Generally, the price of metal silicon 553 is about 12,000 yuan/ton, while the price of oxygen-permeable metal silicon 553 is about 11,000 yuan/ton. If the price of metal silicon 553 is quoted by the manufacturer and the standard price, the price of oxygen-permeable metal silicon 553 is about 11,000 yuan/ton. If the lattice difference is too far, we should pay attention to the reliability of the metal silicon 553 products of the manufacturer.

Only by fully understanding the characteristics of good metal silicon 553, can we choose better metal silicon 553 products from many metal silicon 553 manufacturers. If you want to know more about the characteristics of metal silicon 553, welcome to consult professional metal silicon manufacturer Star Metallurgy. We welcome you to consult and cooperate at any time.

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