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What problems should we pay attention to in long-term contact with ferrosilicon powder

Date: 07-11-2019

In recent years, with the development of industry, many problems have arisen, among which there are joys and sorrows. It promotes the development of modernization, improves work efficiency and makes products produced in large quantities. But it also brings some hidden problems, such as disease. Ferrosilicon powder belongs to metallurgical industry. Its advantages are what we hope, but we should pay attention to some problems in our work.

We know that some dust will appear when ferrosilicon is treated in metallurgical industry. Because ferrosilicon powder belongs to non-ferrous metal, its dust is harmful. Inhalation can block the alveoli, causing breathing difficulties, and eventually form "silicosis", while wearing a mask can not prevent the absorption of dust.

Silicosis is what we call dust disease in our daily life. We have heard many such cases in the past two years, so we should take some precautions when we contact with ferrosilicon powder.

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