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Insufficient Order Confirmation in Metal Silicon Terminal Market

Date: 07-01-2019

The less confirmed orders of Metal silicon terminal market

On Monday, silicon metal market inquiry are normal, while the actual number of terminal confirmed orders are less, part of the large stocks factories had a stronger willingness to ship, But recently, the purchasing market is not active.
It is understood that the port 553# metal silicon that no oxygen also sold at a low price, there is no doubt that it gave a heavy blow in the production plant, Some factories still insist on quotations, but some have concessions on price,
The overall market price of silicon metal was in a weak and slightly downward trend.

Recently, the terminal market has also been in a state of weakness, In fact, the buyers keep pushing prices down, or choose to wait and see the market. but the market showed a slight drop in most people's bullish circumstances,
As for the reasons, it is also caused by many factors.but when will the price stop going down, Market analyze the weak duration will not last long, while it is also indeed difficult to rise during the time.

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