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Change of Metal Silicon Production Capacity and Yield in China

Date: 06-27-2019

With the continuous strengthening of national macro-control, in the reconstruction of disaster-stricken enterprises, the situation of each enterprise is different, and the benefits will rise or fall, which is the favorable opportunity for industrial restructuring. The enterprises supplying metal silicon powder will gradually realize the necessity of speeding up the adjustment of industrial structure, enhance their consciousness, quicken the elimination of backward production capacity and speed up the elimination of small-capacity metal silicon furnaces. The environment of metal silicon industry is analyzed from two markets.
In the second half of the year, the start-up of metal silicon plant is higher and more stable than in the first half because of the influence of flood season. However, due to the weakness of the market, the output of metal silicon plant may rise slightly, while the year-on-year decline is significant. In terms of downstream consumption, it is difficult to recover from the start of aluminium and polysilicon plants for a short time. In addition to the high temperature in July-August, some areas should choose to stop production without external influence. The environmental analysis of metal silicon industry predicts that the consumption capacity will continue to be weak in the second half of the year. In order to rectify China's export market, the Customs will also issue a number of policies to regulate trade and at the same time affect the quantity of exports to a certain extent. It is expected that the supply and demand of metal silicon will maintain the current level in the second half of 2019, and some brands will be in a state of oversupply.
The weakness of metal silicon in the first half of the year has passed, and the trend in the second half of the year is confusing. At present, the pressure of silicon plant production is high. Most enterprises struggle in the meager profits and small losses, but the market does not have many positive factors. The possibility of price reduction in the second half of the year is greater. Environmental analysis of metal silicon industry, in recent years, uncertainties affecting China's economic development have gradually increased, the intensification of Global trade friction has affected the development of China's industrial enterprises, metal silicon is inevitable, the export market is not ideal, will also cause digestive capacity weakening to a certain extent, leading to an increase in domestic market supply over demand. At present, raw materials such as coal, tar and silica are operating at a high level, while there is a possibility that the supply of electrodes will be concentrated and the price will fall, and the cost will fall and the market will be in a state of oversupply, so the price will be in danger of falling.
China's metal silicon exports are mainly from Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Mexico and other countries. The total export volume is decreasing, and the situation is getting worse and worse. According to the environmental analysis of metal silicon industry, China's metal silicon output has always accounted for about 70-80% of the global total output, with a heavy market share. However, the demand for metal silicon in China has been reduced in the international market. It is difficult to support the consumption of metal silicon in China with an annual output of 2.3 million tons. It is also possible to adjust the production pattern of domestic metal silicon in the later period, and the development situation of the international market is not optimistic.
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