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Metal Silicon Insiders Have Different Views On The Market

Date: 06-25-2019

Metal silicon insiders have different views on the market

During the period of increase in price due to the output decrease,which has been caught off guard by the price dropping.Regarding the price trend of the metal silicon,industry insiders also have different views, some people are more pessimistic, but there are still large number of operators are more optimistic about the market outlook.

some people are bullish on the price of silicon metal due to the current raw materials costs only up.with the reduction in production,the electricity charges will also be raised. the price will naturally increase slightly when the market stock consumption,But the range of short-term market growth is still relatively limited, mainly due to market demand and purchasing enthusiasm considerations. The more pessimistic people think that the metal silicon market is also difficult to boost, mainly due to the larger market inventory and other factors. At present, the disadvantage of metal silicon is inevitable, but due to various factors in the market, the decline in price of silicon metal is still limited. Market is now in the state of polarization,  There is a demand in the market. Foreign investors also have orders. Only in the price, the terminal market continues to decline, Putting pressure on factories that facing financial pressure will lead to low prices, So whether buyers or sellers should treat the market rationally.

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