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How to correctly choose barium silicon inoculant?

Date: 09-21-2023
The correct choice of barium silicon inoculant:

We need to consider barium silicon inoculant from many aspects. During the entire casting production activities, we need to carefully observe to see what the demand is and facilitate selection. During the entire production process, cast iron needs to be cooled, and we need to observe the cooling speed. We can select the amount of silicon-barium inoculant based on this factor.

Silicon barium inoculants require a large amount of sulfur in the process of casting iron. The amount of our additives used plays a vital role in the entire processing process.

Detailed description

[Particle size]: 0.2-0.9mm; 1-3mm; 3-6mm; 5-8mm; 6-10mm; 10-20mm; exceeding the particle size range shall not exceed 5%.

[Packaging]: 25kg double-layer plastic lined woven bag packaging and 1T bag packaging.


1. Strongly increase the graphitization core, refine the graphite, promote the acquisition of A-type graphite in gray iron castings, and improve the strength. For ductile iron castings, it can make the graphite in ductile iron fine and round, and improve the spheroidization level.

2. Significantly reduce the tendency of white spots, reduce the relative hardness, and improve the cutting performance of castings.

3. Strong anti-recession ability, the anti-recession time is twice that of 75 ferrosilicon, its addition amount is less than half of 75 ferrosilicon inoculant, while preventing the associated spheroidization recession.

4. Improve the uniformity of the cross section and reduce the tendency of shrinkage and porosity.

5. The chemical composition is stable, the processing particle size is uniform, and the composition and quality deviation are small.

6. The melting point is low (less than 1300°), which makes it easy to absorb melt during inoculation and has very little dross.

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