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Why is silicon slag used in steelmaking and cast iron

Date: 09-05-2023
People who are often in contact with the ferroalloy industry must be familiar with this product - silicon slag. In fact, silicon slag is not a specially produced metallurgical material, but a by-product of the production of ferroalloy materials. The price is low.

Silicon slag contains a certain amount of silicon, and the silicon slag can be returned to the furnace for recrystallization and purification, and then the silicon material can be used again after purification, so that the silicon slag can be fully utilized, but the most important thing is that the price of silicon slag is very low, which reduces The cost of steelmaking increases the benefit of the manufacturer. Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, silicon slag will be used in pig iron refining, steelmaking and casting.

Silicon slag is divided into: industrial silicon slag and ferrosilicon slag

Ferrosilicon slag is the slag cleaned from the ladle during the production of ferrosilicon. Except for impurities, its essence is the same as ferrosilicon. It can be returned to the furnace for re-smelting into ferrosilicon, and can also be directly used in steel mills for steelmaking deoxidation.

Silicon slag is used for remelting pig iron, ordinary casting, etc. Silicon slag can improve the furnace temperature, increase the fluidity of molten iron, effectively remove slag, increase the grade, and improve the toughness and cutting ability of castings.

Stainless steel manufacturers use silicon slag as a reducing agent in the process of smelting stainless steel in electric furnaces to improve efficiency and output

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