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What is Off grade silicon metal

Date: 07-05-2023
Off grade silicon metal like its name means, is unqualified metallurgical si metal. Silicon content used to be 93% min but recent years with advanced production technique, the purity of off grade silicon metal became higher than 96%, 97%. Because it’s relative high purity and surprising cheap price. It is very suitable to replace model Si 553 in some area. In some Aluminum Alloy model, only small quantity of silicon is needed. And some model didn’t require very strict Silicon or Fe, Ca content. So off grade silicon is very good substitute and very efficiency material to save cost . Off grade silicon is also known as Low Grade Silicon Metal, Silicon Metal Slag, Silicon Metal Dross, It can be used as:

1. Dioxidizer in steelmaking as replacement of ferrosilicon or high purity silicon metal.

2. Aluminum alloy ingot production, as additive of silicon.

3. Materials of silicon briquette.

4. Other replacement of higher grade silicon metal, metallurgical, chemical or other industries, with its much cheaper price.

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