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The role of each element in silicon-calcium alloy

Date: 06-28-2023
Silicon-calcium alloy is a new type of ferroalloy product. Silicon-calcium alloy is a perfect combination of silicon and calcium elements. It has a strong deoxidation force during steelmaking. Because it has an affinity with oxygen, the molten steel is deoxidized at the same time. No splashing greatly reduces the chance of staff being scalded,

Application of silicon element in silicon-calcium alloy

Silicon is an old-fashioned element with a wide range of applications, but in silicon-calcium alloys, we only widely use it in the steelmaking industry. The silicon element inside the silicon-calcium alloy can deoxidize molten steel very well, and has a powerful deoxidizer Because there will be a lot of oxygen in the molten steel during steelmaking, and if there is too much oxygen, there will be many oxides that will affect the quality of the steel. The silicon-calcium alloy can quickly remove the oxygen in the molten steel to produce silicon dioxide, so it has the ability to purify The use of molten steel to improve the quality of steel.

Application of Calcium Element in Silicon Calcium Alloy

Calcium is an indispensable element in steelmaking. Its main purpose is to improve the fluidity of molten steel and enhance the strength and cutting performance of finished steel. The use of calcium-silicon alloy can effectively prevent the live mouth from being blocked and make the impurities in molten steel better. Draining improves the properties of the finished steel.

Other uses of calcium silicon alloy

Silicon-calcium alloys are also used in the production of high-quality steel and special steel products. At the same time, silicon-calcium alloys are also used as warming agents, and they are often used in converter smelting!

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