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The Application of Various Elements in Silicon Aluminum Barium Calcium in Practice

Date: 04-26-2023
The commonly used deoxidizers in steel processing are products such as silicon aluminum barium calcium, silicon barium calcium, and silicon calcium. Different alloy elements in silicon aluminum barium calcium play different roles.

Barium effectively reduces the vapor pressure of calcium and increases the solubility of calcium in molten steel within the temperature range of steelmaking. Compared with silicon-calcium alloy, when using silicon-barium calcium alloy as a calcium source to add to the molten steel, even when the amount of calcium added is half of that of silicon-calcium alloy, the calcium content in the molten steel is about twice that of silicon-calcium alloy, and calcium in the molten steel is also significantly increased. It is fully demonstrated that barium effectively protects calcium in molten steel, reduces calcium oxidation, and thus achieves the goal of treating calcium in molten steel.

The effect of silicon aluminum barium calcium deoxygenation can cause a downward trend in the distribution of inclusions in area, and the speed of inclusion aggregation, growth, and floating is faster than that of aluminum deoxygenation; It can quickly reach a lower level of inclusion quantity; It can change the morphology of impurities, and the spheroidization effect of inclusions is relatively obvious; It can refine ferrite grains, improve the impact toughness and processing performance of steel, improve the fluidity of molten steel, and prevent clogging of water nozzles. The use of silicon aluminum barium calcium for deoxidation of molten steel can reduce the steelmaking process (which can replace the use of various deoxidizers), improve product quality, and reduce production costs.

From this, it can be seen that in order to improve product quality, enterprises need to add deoxidizers such as silicon, aluminum, barium, and calcium, and also continuously carry out research and development. Many manufacturers have now started using various methods to enhance their deoxygenation effect. For example, blocky objects can be crushed into granules, or high-purity cored wires can be used, all of which can enhance the deoxygenation effect.

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