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The difference between black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide

Date: 04-18-2023
Black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide have some differences in terms of their characteristics and applications.

Black silicon carbide is typically used for grinding, polishing, and cutting hard surfaces like stone, metal, and ceramics. It has a high hardness and is known for its gritty texture. Black silicon carbide is made by heating silica and petroleum coke in an electric furnace.

Green silicon carbide is mainly used for hard materials that need to be ground or cut with precision, such as tungsten carbide, ceramic, glass, and optical materials. It has a lower hardness than black silicon carbide, but it has higher thermal conductivity and better resistance to wear and tear. Green silicon carbide is produced by heating a mixture of silica sand and petroleum coke in a similar process to black silicon carbide.

In summary, black silicon carbide is primarily used for rough grinding and cutting, while green silicon carbide is used for precision grinding and cutting of hard materials. Additionally, green silicon carbide has superior thermal conductivity and wear resistance compared to black silicon carbide.

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