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ferrosilicon price/ ferrosilicon 72/ferrosilicon 75

Date: 08-13-2021
Friends in steelmaking and foundry industries must be familiar with ferrosilicon. But the price of ferrosilicon is always changing. Whether for suppliers or buyers are more headache.
Ferrosilicon prices in China continued to rise this week as steel mills bought more and supplies fell.

The export prices of China's ferrosilicon 72 and ferrosilicon 75 rose, but the transaction in the export market was slow. Some customers in Japan and Korea, the main consumption areas, took a break in the summer.
Due to the decrease in demand, the price of ferrosilicon in The Indian market fell, while the price of ferrosilicon in the European market remained unchanged. Russian market summer rest demand is slow, the price of ferrosilicon is stable, the export price of Russian ferrosilicon 65 is stable.

This week, China's ferrosilicon 65 price exports rose by $30 / ton compared to last week. The export price of ferrosilicon 72 rose $30 / ton from last week. The export price of ferrosilicon 75 rose $30 / ton from last week
Ferrosilicon plays a very important role in steelmaking and assemblage industry. In the foundry industry, ferrosilicon as spheroidizing agent and inoculant is not used as a deoxidizer in steelmaking. In the use process, workers should strictly comply with the use of ferrosilicon requirements.

Star Metallurgy has been exporting ferrosilicon for 14 years, our ferrosilicon is the first in mass. The price of ferrosilicon fluctuates in the market, but as the supplier of ferrosilicon and the manufacturer of ferrosilicon, we must take the quality as the fundamental, in order to achieve the long-term trust of customers. If you often encounter some problems in use, get our ferrosilicon manufacturer's solution in time.

The price of ferrosilicon will go up and down, we can't control it. But the choice of a reliable ferrosilicon manufacturer is the key, star metallurgical materials co., Ltd. long-term supply of ferrosilicon export. The ferrosilicon models we supply are ferrosilicon 75, 70, 65, 65. If you need to purchase ferrosilicon, you can inquire at any time.
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