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What are the applications of silicon slag balls?

Date: 06-19-2021
 Silicon slag ball applications: enter in the 1990 s, along with the ultra low carbon steel plate, low carbon steel cold rolled silicon steel and household appliances panel and a series of deep drawing, and the development of super deep drawing steel grade, on steel plate surface quality and the yield strength, tensile strength and elongation have higher requirements, so how to control oxide content in molten steel is to guarantee manufacture 巻 product quality is the key.After boiling out steel in converter of ultra-low carbon automobile sheet steel, after necessary decarburization and degassing treatment in RH unit, aluminum line segment is used as deoxidizer to finally deoxidize the molten steel to tranquilize it, and then other components are adjusted.Compared with silicon slag ball, the disadvantage of this process is that the A1203

inclusions generated by aluminum deoxidation are not easy to be removed in the vacuum circulation process, resulting in the residual A1203 inclusions in the steel, and eventually the inclusion defects are formed on the surface of the cold-rolled plate, leading to the high rejection rate of cold-rolled inclusions, and the rejection rate of inclusion is nearly 0.7% in the most serious case.In order to control A1203 generation, tried to take the following two measures is to reduce decarburization of RH device after free oxygen, generally after the decarburization free oxygen content in more than 0.02% to ensure good decarbonisation effect, so in silicon slag deoxidation aluminum ball join in more than 60 kg, A1203 produced more, so the implementation of the measures by a certain restrictions;The second is to increase the net cycle time after aluminum final deoxidation, but the adverse effect is to increase the treatment cycle of RH device, limit the drawing speed of continuous casting machine, which has a great impact on productivity, and the extension of cycle time is not conducive to the inclusion floating, so the implementation of this measure is also limited to a certain extent.

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