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What is cored wire?

Date: 06-17-2021
 Cored wire is made of strip - shaped steel strip - wrapped alloy powder.According to the different alloy powder can be divided into: silicon calcium cored wire, silicon manganese calcium line, silicon calcium barium line, barium aluminum line, aluminum calcium line, calcium iron line, pure calcium line and so on.Winds look like coils.Different from the cored thread used in the textile industry.Cored wire varieties are: calcium iron wire, pure calcium wire, silicon calcium wire, aluminum calcium wire, rare earth wire, titanium iron wire, carbon wire and so on.

Cored wire is suitable for steelmaking and casting.

(1) It is beneficial to adjust and control the content of easily oxidized elements and trace elements, can greatly improve the yield of alloy, reduce smelting cost, shorten smelting time, and accurately control the composition.

(2) It plays the role of purifying molten steel and partially changing the nature and morphology of inclusion, improving the quality of molten steel and improving the casting state.

(3) There are two kinds of cored wire: inside drawing type and outside putting type. The mechanical equipment needed for wire feeding is simple and reliable, and covers less area. In particular, the inside drawing type cored wire is more suitable for the use of narrow and small site.

(4) The silk-cored wire is usually called cored wire, which is mainly in three aspects: inoculation, refining outside furnace and alloying of special elements.Fixture performance test, test the overall performance and function of welding fixture.

Its packing mainly has two kinds of line packing: horizontal and vertical two kinds of line packing, inside tap type and outside type two kinds of packing.

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