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The choice of ferroalloy grade

Date: 06-11-2021
 Ferroalloy has always been a word closely related to casting, casting and other iron and steel industry, covering a large area, common ferroalloy has ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, silicon metal, multiple alloy and other products, these products have played a huge role in the ferroalloy industry.

Ferroalloy is divided according to alloy main component, the main breed of ferroalloy has: silicon fastening ferroalloy is to point to include the silicon ferroalloy of all sorts of grades of 20%~90% silicon and silicon fastening compound alloy

Manganese ferro-alloys include high carbon, medium carbon, low carbon ferromanganese, manganese silicon alloy, metal manganese, ferromanganese and so on

Chromium based ferroalloys, including high carbon, medium carbon, low carbon, micro carbon ferrochromium, silicon chromium alloy and metal chromium, etc.;

Other ferro-alloys, including ferro-tungsten, ferro-molybdenum, ferro-vanadium, ferro-titanium, ferro-niobium, ferro-boron, ferro-phosphorus, ferro-zirconium, ferro-nickel, ferro-silica-calcium alloy, rare-earth ferro-alloy and composite alloy, and other national standards, international standards as well as the standard of the manufacturer or the technical agreement with the user have made clear provisions on the chemical composition, appearance and lumpness of ferro-alloy.

In GB/ T7738-2008, the ferroalloy product brand expression method has made clear provisions, all kinds of ferroalloy product brand expression method is prepared according to the following format.

For example, FeSi75Al1.5-A****** is partially vacant. The second part Fe indicates that it is A ferroalloy containing Fe; the third part Si75 indicates that the main element is Si with A mass fraction of 75%; the fourth part Al.5 indicates that the main impurity in this ferroalloy is A with A content of 1.5%, indicating that it is an A-grade ferroalloy.

Another example is JCr99Aj, which indicates that the ferroalloy is A metal. The vacancy in the second part indicates that the ferroalloy does not contain metal iron. The third part, Cr99, indicates that it is A metal Cr and that the content of Cr is 99%.

Through the above introduction of ferroalloy products and the introduction of the brand expression method is more understanding of ferroalloy you, when you really understand the expression method of ferroalloy will be absolutely lamenting the original was so simple!

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