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Silicon metal manufacturers invite you to the Dragon Boat Festival

Date: 06-10-2021
 The annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. As a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Dragon Boat Festival has a lot of rich and interesting festival activities, such as eating zongzi and racing dragon boats, to commemorate our patriotic poet Qu Yuan.When Qu Yuan to his country into the Miluo River, later generations in order to commemorate him, they will race dragon boats on the river, attract the fish and shrimp in the river, feeding zongzi to prevent the fish and shrimp eating Qu Yuan's body.Therefore, this activity continues to this day. In order to carry forward the traditional culture, Henan Star Ferroalloy Producer is also preparing for this activity. The day after tomorrow, we will hold the dragon boat race in the park, which I believe will be an activity full of expectations.

Henan star is specializing in the production of ferrosilicon, calcium silicon, graphite powder, electrolytic manganese metallurgy refractories manufacturers, as the company expands the same attention to the development of corporate culture, corporate culture is the soul of the enterprise, is the driving force to promote the development of enterprises, enterprises only have formed its own corporate culture, corporate development will have cohesion and centripetal force, forms the enterprise common values,Together to promote the development of the company, star is an old brand ferroalloy enterprise has already formed its own corporate culture, corporate culture has already gone deep into the spiritual field of each employee, we have been working towards the common direction!

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