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Silicon slag manufacturers celebrate Children's Day

Date: 06-02-2021

Today is "61" Children's Day is the children look forward to the holiday, but with the tense rhythm of life, big friends also want to have such a holiday to relax themselves, so "61" is not only the children's holiday is also a big friend can temporarily return to childhood relaxed and happy day.

Henan Xingxing Metal Silicon Manufacture has always attached great importance to the spiritual and cultural life of its employees. On the occasion of the "Children's Day", it specially arranged interesting programs for its employees. As soon as the childhood music sounded, everyone instantly went back to their childhood and played games together, and every employee was very happy.At the end of the activity, the company also prepared small gifts for everyone, lollipops, chocolate, full of happy taste.

Henan Star Metallurgical Group is a professional ferroalloy manufacturer producing metallurgical resistant materials. Since its establishment, it has been focusing on the production and research and development of metallurgical resistant materials. At present, the metallurgical materials produced mainly include ferrosilicon 75, ferrosilicon 70, ferrosilicon 45, ferrosilicon powder, ferrosilicon particle, silicon slag, silicon metal, silicon metal powder, silicon metal particle, etc.Especially the metal silicon 553, metal silicon 441 in the metal silicon products exclusive market, has been the unanimous recognition and praise of customers at home and abroad, if you have any demand, please contact us in time, we can send you free samples and product brochures, sincerely look forward to your consultation and cooperation.

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