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Why is the price of graphite powder unstable?

Date: 03-18-2019
Graphite powder is now more and more manufacturers pay attention to, the reason is because in recent years with the strengthening of the process, graphite powder application field has been a larger update iteration, so all aspects of the manufacturers began to buy graphite powder, attention to the usual also found that the iron alloy market graphite powder prices will be "erratic", this is what is going on?

After reading it, it turned out to be such a thing!

Ferroalloy Market Why Graphite powder price "erratic" turned out to be such a thing!

There are still many factors affecting the price of graphite powder, today mainly take four points to illustrate the reasons for the erratic price of graphite powder:

The renewal of defense technology is the increase of graphite powder price

Graphite powder excellent conductivity and anti-electromagnetic interference ability makes it in the electronic confrontation war outburst, in addition, its high temperature resistance, antioxidant and other properties in the aviation field has also been widely used, thus affecting the graphite powder ferroalloy market price.

The non-renewable nature of flake graphite resources is also one of the reasons that affect the price of graphite powder

This characteristic will lead to less and fewer natural graphite resources, and the object of dilute is expensive, so the price of flake graphite is expected to develop towards a better.

The development of lithium battery industry makes the purchase volume of graphite powder increase, which affects the price of graphite powder.

In the next few years, the demand for mobile phones, computers, electric vehicles, electric vehicles will continue to grow, which requires a large number of lithium batteries as a source of power, graphite powder as a negative electrode of lithium batteries, its demand will be greatly increased, which will give the graphite powder industry opportunities for immediate development.

The application of sealed special graphite powder has created the price of graphite powder erratic
Now made of flake graphite colloidal graphite powder in the sealing industry advantages have emerged, with stable chemical properties, sealing continued for a long time characteristics, gradually replaced the conservative sealing products.
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