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the iron manganese supplier

Date: 06-19-2019

 Ferro manganese is one type of ferroalloy which consists of manganese and ferro. According to the describe of ferro manganese supplier it can be divided into: high C ferro manganese (carbon from 2.0% to 8.0%), middle C ferro manganese (carbon from 0.7% to 2.0%),low C ferro manganese (carbon not more than 0.7%), manganese metal, spiegel iron, silicon manganese alloy. 

To smelt the ferro manganese commonly request the manganese ore to contain 30-40% quantity of manganese, the manganese ferro ratio greater than 7, the phosphorus manganese ratio less than 0.003. Before the smelting, carbonic acid manganese ore need to roast first, powder ore need to sinter to be lump. The ore containing higher ferro and phosphorus can just be used in proper proportion, or through the selective reduction to smelt the rich manganese slag in lower ferro and phosphorus. Using the coke to be reductant in smelting, some factory also use the lean coal or anthracite in proper proportion. The auxiliary raw material is lime, when smelt silicon manganese alloy will match some silica sometimes. 

Carbon ferro manganese is commonly consist of 75%-80% manganese on the international, China in order to suit for the material condition in lower manganese ore, rules the brand in lower manganese (electric furnace ferro manganese contain manganese above 65%, blast furnace ferro manganese contain manganese above 50%). It used to use the blast furnace, along with the development of electric industry, it is increased to use the electric furnace.  West Europe and China main use the blast furnace, Norway and Japan both use electric furnace, The Soviet union, Australia, Brazil and other new building ferro-manganese factory also use the electric furnace.

Ferro manganese is suitable for steel making and foundry. The chemical properties of manganese are more active than iron, when add the manganese to molten steel, it can react with ferrous oxide to form the oxide slag which is insoluble in molten steel, the slag is easy to float on the molten steel surface, so reduce the oxygen content in the steel. At the same time, the binding force between manganese and sulfur is greater than the binding force between iron and sulfur, after add the manganese alloy, the sulfur in the molten steel is easy to form a high melting point manganese sulfide with manganese and transfer into the furnace slag, thereby reducing the sulfur content in the molten steel and improving the forgeability and rollability of steel. Manganese can also increase the strength, hardenability, hardness and wear resistance of the steel. So the ferro-manganese is often used as the deoxidizer, desulfurizer and alloy additive in steel making and that makes it the most used iron alloy.

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