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Silicon metal supplier in China

Date: 06-11-2019
 Silicon Metal supplier in China

In 1997, world production was 664,000 metric tons. In 1998 it was 653,000 tons. In 1999 it was 640,000 metric tons. Of course, this data does not include China. This data is continuing to decline.

China is considered to be the largest producer. Followed by the United States. It is estimated that China's annual production capacity is as high as 400,000 tons. There are more than 400 metal silicon producers. In recent years, the country’s exports have increased. China's metal silicon manufacturers can produce a variety of products. Good quality and low price.

Star is a supplier of high purity metal silicon with a purity of 99.5%-99.9999%. Star has over 10 years of experience in metal silicon production. It is both a manufacturer and a supplier. Factory direct sales. Users get the most affordable price.

Star offers commonly used silicon metal grades such as 553, 441, 3303, 2202 and the like. Produced using the most advanced technology. And every step is strictly controlled. Ensure that the metal silicon produced is fully compliant with the needs of the user.

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