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China silicon carbide market

Date: 04-28-2021
 China is the world's largest producer and exporter of silicon carbide, silicon carbide industry after years of development, the smelting production process, technical equipment and energy consumption per ton has reached the world's leading level, black and green silicon carbide original block quality level is also world-class.My company after years of development, and constantly improve the process and machinery.Continuously improve the quality of products.

In addition, China's silicon carbide technology level can also be from the patent situation to performance, through the search of silicon carbide related patent data show that by the end of January 2018, China's silicon carbide related patent application number reached 36,008.

In recent years, with the increasing application of silicon carbide field and application scale, the application of silicon carbide patent is very active in China.In 2000, there were only 183 patent applications for silicon carbide. In 2014, the number of silicon carbide related patent applications reached 4,716, an all-time high.The number of related patent applications fell to 2,136 in 2017.However, it should be noted that, although China's silicon carbide industry technology has reached the world's leading level, but there is still a gap in the production process and cutting-edge products.

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