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Silica-barium calcium inoculant

Date: 04-07-2021
 Silica-barium calcium is a good new deoxidizer in steelmaking, and has a good ability of desulfurization and phosphorus, which plays a very important role in smelting steel with low sulfur and phosphorus content, and has a broad application prospect in special steel system.The main functions of silica-barium calcium inoculant are as follows:
(1) Si-Ba-Ca alloy is a new type of composite alloy with high efficiency in the barium series. It is a deoxidizer and desulfurizer for steelmaking, and also has the function of dephosphorization.It is inoculant and modifier in casting.

(2) Barium can effectively reduce the vapor pressure of calcium and increase the solubility of calcium in molten steel in the range of steelmaking temperature.Compared with calcium-silicon alloy, the content of calcium in molten steel is about twice that of calcium-silicon alloy even if the amount of calcium added is half of that of calcium-silicon alloy, and the calcium in molten steel is also significantly increased.The results show that barium can effectively protect calcium and reduce the oxidation of calcium in molten steel, thus achieving the purpose of treating calcium in molten steel.

Since its establishment in 2007, Henan Xingxing has focused on the production of metallurgical resistant materials. The product categories are all ferrosilica, silicon slag, metallic silicon, graphite powder and other metallurgical materials. The quality assurance and price stability of the silica-barium inoculation agent produced by our company have been unanimously recognized by new and old customers.

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