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What are the factors that affect the effect of recarburizer?

Date: 04-02-2021
 Recarburizer stone metallurgical cast iron field of important raw materials, so what are the factors affecting the effect of recarburizer?Today I will give you a focus on the introduction.

1, the impact of the size of the carburant carburant absorption rate depends on the comprehensive effect of the dissolution and diffusion rate of the carburant and the oxidation loss rate.Under normal circumstances, carburizer particles are small, dissolution speed is fast, loss speed is large;Recarburizer particle size, slow dissolution rate, loss rate is small.

The choice of granularity size of recarburizer is related to furnace diameter and quantity.In general, the diameter and quantity of the furnace, the granularity of the recarburizer is larger;On the contrary, the granularity of recarburizer is smaller.

2, the effect of the amount of carburizer added in a certain temperature and chemical composition of the same conditions, the saturation concentration of carbon in liquid iron is certain.Under a certain degree of saturation, the more the carburizer added to the star, the longer the time required for dissolution and diffusion, the greater the corresponding loss of the star, the lower the absorption rate.

3, the influence of temperature on the absorption rate of carburant in principle, the higher the temperature of liquid iron, the more conducive to the absorption and dissolution of carburant, on the contrary, carburant is difficult to dissolve, carburant absorption rate is reduced.

But when the temperature of liquid iron is too high, recarburizer is more easily dissolved, but the burning rate of carbon will increase, eventually leading to the reduction of carbon star, the overall absorption rate of recarburizer is reduced.General liquid iron temperature in 1460~ 1550C, recarburizer absorption efficiency is the best.

4, the influence of liquid iron stirring on the absorption rate of recarburizer agitation is conducive to the dissolution and diffusion of carbon, to avoid the recarburizer floating on the surface of liquid iron and burned.Before the recarburizer is completely dissolved, the stirring time is long and the absorption rate is high.

Stirring can also reduce the carburizing heat preservation time, shorten the production cycle, avoid the burning of alloy elements in liquid iron.But the stirring time is too long, not only has a great impact on the service life of the furnace, but also after the dissolution of the carburizer, the stirring will aggravate the loss of carbon in the liquid iron.Therefore, the appropriate stirring time of liquid iron should be to ensure that the recarburizer is completely dissolved.

In addition, the silicon and sulfur in the liquid iron block the absorption of carbon, reduce the absorption rate of carburizer;The manganese element is helpful to the absorption of carbon and improve the absorption rate of recarburizer.In terms of the influence degree, silicon is the largest, manganese is the second, carbon and sulfur have little influence.Therefore, in the actual production process, manganese should be added first, then carbon, and then silicon.

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