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Why is the carbon content in ferrosilicon very low?

Date: 06-04-2019
Smelting ferrosilicon with Coke as a reducing agent, so that more easily carbon self-baking electrode, the use of coke brick masonry out of the iron mouth and flow iron groove, sometimes with graphite powder coated ingot mold, the use of carbon sample spoon to take liquid samples and so on. In short, smelting ferrosilicon reacts from the furnace to the iron, pouring process, the opportunity to contact with carbon is obviously a lot.

However, Ferrosilicon's carbon content is lower than 0.1﹪, generally 0.05~0.07﹪, what is the reason? The solubility curve of carbon in ferrosilicon with 1187 ℃ is shown in Figure 2. The figure shows that the higher the silicon content in Ferrosilicon, the lower its carbon content. According to the data, the silicon content in Ferrosilicon is about 30 ﹪, the majority of the carbon in Ferrosilicon is in the silicon carbide ﹙SiC﹚ state exists. Silicon carbide is easily oxidized by silica or silicon oxide in the crucible and is reduced. Silicon carbide in Ferrosilicon, especially when the temperature is low, its solubility is very small, easy to precipitate and float. Therefore, the silicon carbide left in Ferrosilicon is very low, so the carbon content of ferrosilicon is very low.
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