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Introduction of ferrosilicon

Date: 02-18-2021
 The New Year has just begun, star group wishes all friends a happy year of the ox, our company Spring Festival holiday has ended, from today on the normal work of all departments.Today I would like to share with you the knowledge of ferrosilicon.

Ferrosilicon is a ferroalloy of iron and silicon.Ferrosilicon is coke, steel chips, quartz (or silica) as raw materials, smelted by electric furnace made of iron silicon alloy.The common form of ferrosilicon is ferrosilicon particle, ferrosilicon powder, ferrosilicon slag, etc., the specific model has ferrosilicon 75, ferrosilicon 70, ferrosilicon 65, ferrosilicon 45 and other specifications.The division of its specifications is mainly by the different content of ferrosilicate impurities and the division of each specification has its different uses.

The main uses of ferrosilicon in the metallurgical industry are as follows:

(1) As a deoxidizer, ferrosilicate can be used for precipitation deoxidization and diffusion deoxidization in steel-making industry.

(2) Ferrosilicon can be used as inoculant and spheroidizing agent for cast iron industry, especially in ductile iron is an important inoculant, can effectively precipitate graphite.

(3) in addition to ferrosilicon in ferroalloy production can also be used as a reducing agent.Because silicon and oxygen have a strong chemical affinity, especially high silicon ferrosilicon low carbon content is a common reducing agent in the production of ferroalloy industry.

Because there are many different kinds of ferrosilicon specifications, only simple share ferrosilicon purposes, if you want to know more detailed knowledge of ferrosilicon, please for enquiry products home page: to buy, a large quantity of preferential!

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