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What is rare earth ferrosilicon?

Date: 02-01-2021
 Rare earth ferrosilicon alloy is made of ferrosilicon, rare earth, calcium, pig iron or scrap steel according to a certain proportion of the alloy by high temperature melting, rare earth ferrosilicon is massive, metallic luster, hard and brittle, easy to crush, rare earth ferrosilicon alloy is silver gray.The production of rare earth ferrosilicate alloy is carried out in the ore furnace, which consumes a lot of power. It can also be produced in the medium frequency furnace.Rare earth ferro-silicon alloys generally contain 17%-37% rare earth, Si35%-46%, Mn5%-8%, Ca5%-8%, Ti6%, and the rest is iron.The alloy is silver gray, melting point is 1473-1573℃.Rare earth ferrosilicon alloy common uses are:

1. Used for cast steel iron, with strong deoxidation and desulfurization effect;

2. It is the basic material for the production of spheroidizing agent, vermiculating agent and inoculant;

3, in the production of steel, iron as additives, alloy agent;

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