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Use and classification of ferromanganese

Date: 01-27-2021
 Ferromanganese is a ferroalloy with iron and manganese as its main components.Iron and steel work as a deoxidizer, desulfurizer and alloy agent.In addition to manganese and iron, it contains impurities from silicon, carbon, sulfur and manganese ore.Common granularity: natural block (20-150mm) or processing block (10-100mm) or powder, can also be processed according to customer requirements granularity.There are two classifications of ferromanganese:

1. Main classification: according to different smelting methods, divided into electric furnace ferromanganese and blast furnace ferromanganese

2. According to the different carbon content, it can be divided into: micro-carbon ferromanganese: carbon is not more than 0.15%;Low carbon ferromanganese: carbon greater than 0.15% to 0.7%;Medium carbon ferromanganese: carbon greater than 0.7% to 2.0%;High carbon ferromanganese: carbon greater than 2.0% to 8.0%;

Ferromanganese is widely used in steel industry, foundry industry and other industrial production, and Ferromanganese main uses are as follows:

1, steel industry: ferromanganese is indispensable in steelmaking industry deoxidizer, desulfurizer.Good need in smelting, steel deoxidation desulphurization processing, and using deoxidizing agent will greatly increase the cost, therefore, ferromanganese is a cheap deoxidizer, desulfurization is refers to the sulfur in the steel from harmful substances, such as ferromanganese we can achieve the purpose of the desulfurization very well, effectively reduce the content of harmful elements in steel, improve the quality of steel.In steelmaking industry, about 3 ~ 5kg75% ferromanganese is consumed per ton of steel produced.

2, casting industry: Fermanganese can be added to cast iron as a nodular cast iron inoculant and nodular agent, and can prevent the formation of carbide, promote the precipitation of graphite greatly shorten the spheroidizing time, but also can greatly reduce the shape of impurities in molten iron, improve the quality of cast iron, improve the performance of cast iron.And reduce the smelting furnace nozzle blockage, effectively prolong the service life of smelting furnace.

3, other industries: high carbon ferromanganese or manganese alloy in the ferroalloy industry as a reducing agent for the production of low carbon ferroalloy.Ferromanganese powder in the mineral processing industry can be used as a suspended phase, in the electrode manufacturing industry for electrode coating;High manganese ferromanganese in the electrical industry can be used to prepare pure semiconductor manganese, in the chemical industry can be used to manufacture manganese ketone, etc.

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