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What is petroleum coke?

Date: 12-25-2020
    Petroleum coke is a black or dark gray hard solid petroleum product with a metallic luster and is porous. It is a granular, columnar, or needle-like carbonaceous material consisting of microscopic graphite crystals.Petroleum coke consists of hydrocarbons, 90-97% carbon, 1.5-8% hydrogen, nitrogen, chlorine, sulfur, and heavy metal compounds.Metallic luster, porous, granular, columnar needle.

   Petroleum coke is mainly used as pre-baked anode and anode paste for electrolytic aluminum, carbon industry production of carbonizing agent, graphite electrode, smelting industrial silicon and fuel, etc. It is a by-product of the pyrolysis of raw oil in delayed coking unit at high temperature to produce light oil products.The output of petroleum coke is about 25-30% of that of raw oil.Its low calorific value is about 1.5-2 times of coal, ash content is no more than 0.5%, volatile content is about 11%, and its quality is close to anthracite.

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