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What are the advantages of silicon carbon alloy?

Date: 05-28-2020
 Silicon carbon alloy as a new type of alloy, can replace the traditional ferrosilicon, silicon carbide, carburizer and other metallurgical materials, compared with the traditional metallurgical materials cheaper price, then what is the advantage of silicon carbon alloy?
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Introduction to silicon carbon alloy:

Silicon carbon alloy is a new type of alloy used in converter. It is a new metallurgical material developed rapidly in the metallurgical industry. Its price is cheaper than traditional metallurgical materials, but it can replace the traditional ferrous silicon, silicon carbide, carburizing agent and other metallurgical materials used in converter smelting deoxidation alloying process.


A)Si 50%min,C 10%min,P 0.1%max,S 0.1%maxB)Si 65%min,C 15%min,P 0.1%max,S 0.1%max

C)Si 68%min,C 18-25%min,P 0.08%max,S 0.08%max

Size: 1-10mm&10-50mm

Package:In 1.25MT jumbo bag

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What are the advantages of silicon carbon alloy?
1. Deoxidation advantages of silicon carbon alloy
Silicon carbon alloy contains silicon element, after adding silicon carbon alloy in the process of steelmaking, the affinity reaction between silicon element and oxygen will make the oxygen deoxidation in the steel to improve the hardness and quality of steel, and the silicon element in the silicon carbon alloy and oxygen have a good affinity, so the steel also has the characteristics of no splash.

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2. Slag collecting advantage of silicon carbon alloy
Silicon carbon alloy also has the advantage of slag collection, put a certain proportion of silicon carbon alloy into the steel, can make the oxide in the process of steelmaking fast agglomerate, easy to filter treatment, make the steel more pure greatly improve the density and hardness of steel.
3. Advantages of silicon carbon alloy in raising furnace temperature
Silicon-carbon alloy is a good temperature-resistant material. Adding silicon-carbon alloy in the process of steelmaking can increase the furnace temperature, improve the conversion rate of ferroalloy and accelerate the reaction speed of molten steel and elements.
4.Silicon-carbon alloys allow many manufacturers to save money
In today's iron alloy material is more expensive, silicon carbide alloy as a new type of metallurgical material because of its low price than traditional metallurgical materials, so get the favour of many manufacturers, silicon carbon alloy can replace expensive metallurgy material such as silicon, and achieve unexpected satisfied effect, so using silicon carbide alloy can save costs and improve profits;
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