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Ferroalloy Production Process

Date: 05-24-2023
The price of ferroalloys ranges from 100 to hundreds, depending on the ferroalloy processing technology. Ferroalloys usually adopt three production processes, namely ferroalloy sintering process, ferroalloy bonding process and ferroalloy injection molding process.

1. The iron alloy sintering process is to grind the iron material into powder through air flow, and then put it into the smelting furnace to smelt it into a whole material with specified specifications. The products produced by this ferroalloy processing technology have high coercivity, and the magnet energy is more than 10 times that of ordinary ferrite. The price of ferroalloy produced by this process is relatively standard, and there will not be much difference. After forming in production, it can be cut into products of different shapes according to needs, but its surface has high chemical activity, so it needs to be electroplated on the surface, usually galvanized and nickel-plated.

2. Compared with the ferroalloy sintering process, the price of the products produced by the ferroalloy bonding process will be higher, mainly because this ferroalloy processing process is completed in one molding without other cutting operations. It manufactures products by mixing ferroalloy powder with other materials through compression, extrusion or injection molding.

3. The ferroalloy injection molding process is a ferroalloy processing technology with relatively high requirements in all processes. The price of ferroalloys produced by this technology is also very high. During processing, ferroalloy powder is first put into the mold to manufacture finished products with complex shapes. In this process, very fine molds are required, which results in the fact that most of the finished products generally produced are relatively thin.

The surface of the products produced by the ferroalloy sintering process is generally required to be smooth, and at the same time, a certain degree of precision must be achieved. The ferroalloy surface delivered from the billet needs to be ground flat. Commonly used grinding methods for square ferroalloy products are: surface grinding, surface grinding at both ends, internal grinding, external grinding, etc. Cylindrical ferroalloys are commonly used for centerless grinding and double-face surface grinding. Ferroalloy products of other shapes need to be ground with a multi-station grinder.

Whether the ferroalloy product is qualified not only needs to meet the performance standard, but also needs to meet the dimensional tolerance specified by the ferroalloy product, because if the size does not meet the requirements, it will directly affect the performance and application of the product. Accurate dimensional tolerances of ferroalloy products can ensure the processing strength of factory products.

With the continuous improvement of economic and social market demand, ferroalloy processing equipment is also being continuously improved. Nowadays, more efficient ferroalloy processing equipment has appeared in the industrial market, and many of them have certain automation functions. This not only satisfies It meets the growing demand of customers for ferroalloy products, and also saves the manpower cost of manufacturers.

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