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Silicon aluminum ferro for steelmaking has a significant effect, but it should be used reasonably!

Date: 05-16-2023
Silicon aluminum ferro, as a commonly used deoxidized ferro alloy for steelmaking, has a significant impact on the final quality of steel. However, the use of silicon aluminum ferro in steelmaking should also be reasonable in order to achieve ideal results.

The smelting of steel structures is an important aspect of industrial production, and it is quite necessary to add an appropriate amount of silicon aluminum ferro. This product has good deoxygenation, which also ensures that the steel products produced have good hardness and toughness. Even the production of some special steels requires the use of this silicon alloy.

Silicon aluminum ferro is prone to sinking in molten steel due to its high density and melting point, and because it contains aluminum, its density is relatively low. Therefore, its utilization rate can reach 70% at the depth of the molten steel. During steelmaking, a large amount of aluminum is required as a deoxidizer, and silicon aluminum ferro has a relatively low valence and can play a good deoxygenation role. Using

silicon aluminum ferro during steelmaking can effectively reduce smelting costs, From this, it can be seen that the role of silicon aluminum ferro in steelmaking is significant, but when using silicon aluminum ferro, the correct methods should be used reasonably, combined with modern technology, in order to achieve ideal results!

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