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Why is silicon calcium alloy commonly used as steelmaking deoxidizer

Date: 02-17-2023
Silicon calcium alloy is a composite alloy material, which is mainly composed of silicon, calcium, iron and other trace elements. In the steelmaking industry, silicon calcium alloys are mainly used as composite deoxidizers and desulfurizers. However, in addition to silicon calcium alloys, there are other types of deoxidizers for steelmaking on the market, and the competition is very fierce. However, silicon calcium alloys have not been greatly affected under such circumstances, and still rely on their own strength. It has won the recognition of many users.

Compared with other steel-making deoxidizers, calcium and silicon in silicon calcium alloy have strong affinity with oxygen, and also have strong affinity with sulfur and nitrogen, so silicon calcium alloy is a very suitable compound deoxidizer agent, desulfurization agent. In steelmaking, by adding an appropriate amount of silicon calcium alloy, in addition to achieving a good deoxidation effect, the deoxidized product produced at the same time is easy to float and discharge, which can quickly purify molten steel and improve the quality of steel. Calcium-silicon alloy can deoxidize the molten steel in deep layer during steelmaking, the deoxidation is more thorough, and the effect of calcium element is better, which can improve the shape of inclusions in molten steel, so that slag discharge is easier and more convenient. Excellent flow performance, so that there is a full chemical reaction between the elements.

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